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Our Vision:
“To help students live a legacy.”

Our Mission:
“Equipping student pastors for lasting leadership.”

When I first started out in student ministry I had a friend named Terry that I worked with. He was doing the same thing I was, but was a bit further down the road in many areas of life. I started investing in students and relationships were being built. It was an incredible season but as you know, relationships can be messy. I was interacting with students who did not have much of a religious background and in many cases were very new to the Christian faith.

I can vividly remember those midnight phone calls of a 15 year old student with a girl problem. Maybe it was a family problem, a friend problem, or even a God problem. You get the picture. It was happening a lot and many times as a guy in my early twenties, I had no idea how to help them navigate those moments well. In some cases, those were defining moments in their young lives and I was honored that they were reaching out to me for help.

Many times Terry was the guy I called to help me figure out how to help those students. For some crazy reason he always took my calls and found a way to help me have a Biblical perspective (with a little sarcasm and humor thrown in) to help me help my guys. I look back on those moments now and they are priceless. They shaped me as a student pastor and as a follower of Christ. Many years later Terry is still a great friend and the bond we have from serving in the trenches together for a long season won’t be broken.

Many years later the Lord has led my life to a place that I have found myself playing that role for a lot of people. In hindsight, the Lord has really been preparing me for this. I’ve had the chance to do all kinds of things in ministry. From helping start an FCA in high school to working with a massive para-church ministry to working at one of our countries largest churches, and everything in between. That includes thousands of small groups, weekly meetings, and who knows how much pizza. Somewhere back in the day I even taught a Sunday school class. Indeed.

All that put together has led me down this road of God putting my heart in a place where I am now serving the leaders who lead students. I want to help you help your students and volunteers live a legacy for His Kingdom. That’s what matters in the end and I want to help you do that now.

We are a company/ministry whose heart is to help students live a legacy. We are not trying to sell curriculum or our “method” of doing ministry. What we are selling is relationships. I’ve been blessed to have a long season of investing in; building and creating cultures that are all about relationships. It’s those relationships that paved the road for something special from the Lord.

There are always environments around those relationships. That might be your big Sunday program, it might be your living room . . . you are creating space somewhere and setting up relationships to happen. I’ve been honored to help create all kinds of environments for relationships and would love to help you do the same.

So that’s what Legacy Now is all about. We are a ministry that is all about relationships and everything that is involved to help make them the best they can be. This generation of students is marked by their high regard for relationships. A degree, a nice suit, and a deep voice do not motivate them. That’s not a shot; it’s just true—they are highly motivated by relationships and actions. We want to help you maximize that and fully invest in the students the Lord trusts you with.

I am hoping and praying that God will use Legacy Now to be a Terry for all the student pastors and leaders out there who are leading students.

Let’s live a great legacy for the Kingdom of God and let’s do it now!