As a consulting ministry/company our desire is to serve you to help you be the best you can. Although there are 5 main areas of service that you can read about below, we are open to however we might be able to serve you.

If you have a need not mentioned below, please contact us and we’d love to talk about how we can serve you. We have a lot of flexibility to serve you whatever your needs might be. At the end of the day, we would love to help serve you however we can to help you invest in the next generation and lead them towards living a legacy for Him.

We will discuss the financial part of service when you contact us. We understand that every organization has different budgets and we want to serve you, so we don’t have flat rates. Our desire is to be flexible and serve as many leaders, churches, and organizations that the Lord brings our way. That being said, we’ll talk about how we can do that when you contact us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can make it happen!

Here are 5 main areas that we can specifically serve you:


If you would like more specific information about these, you can read more below.

* Consult

  • Offering “fresh eyes” to help you evaluate and plan future ministry goals
  • Offering a focused perspective to help you see any potential blind spots, areas of strength and areas that need growth
  • Offering a fresh perspective of a seasoned ministry leader who cares about you being the best you can be- but is not involved. That means someone who can sometimes see and say things you might not be able to.

This might look like: We’ll come in and see your program. Meet you and your leaders. We’ll then debrief with you afterwards and talk through any specific areas to sharpen and develop. This can be a 1 or 2-day visit based on your location and needs.

* Invest

  • Offering veteran leadership to invest in you and your ministry- you can consider us a “coaching” group
  • Offering experience in developing a culture for investing in students and leaders, would love to help you create the same
  • Offering time to meet with student pastors and leaders and offer wisdom and encouragement we can to help sharpen you

This might look like: We’ll set up time to connect. That might be a visit to your ministry. That might be a conversation over SKYPE. Whatever your budget is we’d love to invest in you as you invest in students. This can be a one time visit or potentially a long term relationship.

* Train

  • Offering the ability to help develop material to develop your leader culture
  • Offering the ability to help develop a long-term plan for training and developing leaders
  • Offering the ability to help facilitate leader or student leader-training events

This might look like: We’ll work with you on your specific training needs. We’ll come and lead the training time for you or if you would prefer, simply help you plan and implement the training.

* Communicate

  • Available to communicate for your audience. We have almost 20 years of experience speaking in different ministry environments of all sizes.
  • Available to help evaluate and develop communicators in reaching your audience.

This might look like: We’ll follow up on any booking requests and if the schedule works come serve you through communication. Our goal in communication is always to point towards relationships—if you do small groups our goal is to help set up your small group leaders to take the content and help your students apply it.

* Create/Develop

  • Helping you plan and implement a system for creating your culture for leaders and students.
  • Helping you plan and develop a system for investing in your leaders and students
  • Helping to develop a long-term curriculum plan for your group
  • Helping to develop and create an environment to help you reach the students in your community

This might look like: We’ll set a time to come meet and brainstorm with you and your team. We’ll work through a plan and some steps to make it a reality. If need be, we’ll also be available to follow up and help you continue to develop your plan.